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YogaYug International School

Behind every task there is a reason (No fire, no smoke). And Yoga Yug is not an exception. It is our moral and global responsibility to set up for the spread of the divine field yoga, as it is a dire need of today's acquisitive world.

Our Vision and Mission:

We are living in the age of Materialistic Happiness. In the grip of greed, human being compromises with his health and excited weird to get more and more money. This rat-race gives a life full of stress, anxiety, depression, illness, personal, professional and family problems. Someone can get physical treatment but no guarantee it will work for a longer time or not. While yoga is a unique panacea - which is strongly effective for physical as well as mental disorders. Yoga Yug offers yoga classes and teachers training program to make people benefited with this divine gift of historical forefathers. People can be healed by practicing simple, authentic, traditional and true yoga based on classical teachings which includes asana, pranayama, meditation and stress management, detoxification techniques. Yoga Yug has an innovative vision to spread the benefits of yoga up to the last line person and try to eradicate stress and illness - is a commitment placed in the foundation of Yoga Yug.
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Yoga Teacher Training In India

Student’s Testimonial

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Student’s Testimonial

Yoga Teacher Training

Student’s Testimonial

YTTC Schedule

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Schedule

Dates Place Fee
05th JANUARY 2017 to 03rd FEBRUARY 2017 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
05th FEBRUARY 2017 to 03rd MARCH 2017 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
05th MARCH 2017 to 03rd APRIL 2017 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
05th APRIL 2017 to 03rd MAY 2017 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars