testimonial1I took the yoga teacher training in July of 2012 in Swami Dayanda Ashram, Rishikesh. I think this was one of the best experiences in my life so far. I learned so much more than had expected.Before coming here I took yoga only as an exercise. I knew that there was so much more to it, so I decided to come to India to the roots of yoga to learn what it is really about. This course was definitely different from what it would have been in my own country. I got so much more knowledge about philosophy and this wisdom India is preserving. I really think it changed my view of life.

I also liked the intensive one month training. Dayanda ashram is a really wonderful place. People working in here are nice as are all the other students in this ashram. I have really enjoyed my time here and I felt really at home here. The teachers were great in this course and I express my gratitude to them. I’m hoping to come back some day!


testi12When I looked through the Internet searching for a Yoga teacher training course, it was tough. There are so many offers out there and I, as a Westerner, couldn’t really find out which one is the best. Finally after quite some extensive internet research, I called a couple of Yoga schools and asked for references. One of these schools was Yoga Yug International School. The reference person was also a German and calling her felt good. She told me about her amazing experience and that she is teaching right now at University. The latter, to me, was a huge point because I wanted something which prepares me to teach. So upon these points I decided to join this course and it proved to be a pretty good decision. For me, at the age of only 19, it was a crazy, life-lasting experience. Everyone knows, but you cannot understate the difference between India and the Western world. But what I loved about this experience at Yoga Yug International School was not only that I feel ready to start teaching Yoga now but also the deepth, with which you go into yourself here. I really feel I matured a lot and learned a lot about me, myself and life in general.
All in all, you will always face difficulties but among all the Yoga teacher training courses, this one is a good good, one you will not regret. I hope I made the point clear here, that I recommend this course.

Best wishes

Nicolas Hartmann

testimonial2Taking the Yoga & Vedanta teaching course was something I randomly chose to do, already having travelled 5 months in India, I took on the course to gain a certificate ´ however I gained so much more; I feel privileged to have stayed and been taught in such a wonderful atmosphere, at Swami Dayananda Ashram, the staff here are so supportive, caring and beautiful. I was able to commit to the course, and really focus my energy to attain a deeper understanding of yoga and philosophy meanwhile practicing “ the holistic lifestyle approach´´ having the temple here also made daily prayers and arti possible, not to mention the holy vibes of river ganga ,
Thank you so much